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2014 new arrival Japanese quantum volcanic stone scalar energy pendant with colorful crystal

Jewelry Type:Pendants or Charms
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:birascan
Model Number:CDS00001
Pendants or Charms Type:Three Stone Pendants
Jewelry Main Material:Jade
Main Stone:Quartz
Gender:Children's, Men's, Unisex, Women's
Function:Strengthen immunity system
Material:design stone quantum scalar pendant
Item:2014 popular quantum scalar pendant with high value negative ions
Small order:Support
Lead time:1-3working days for small order
Bulk order:support OEM
Color:Multi-color for choice
Energy content:about 2000-3000ions
Feature:Enhances circulation


1. Quantum Volcanic Energy Pendant,

2. with Numbered ID Card;

3. Reduces inflammation;

4. Enhances circulation,balance body;


Product Description

2014 new arrival Japanese quantum volcanic stone scalar energy pendant with colorful crystal

Picture of our Bio Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant?


What Specifications of Bio Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant ?

Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces Scalar Energy that helps to enhance your body’s bio-field. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body. By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps you to maintain your health and well being.   When these products are ingested, the healthy energy is transferred to cells where the component nutrients end up. One of the key benefits this provides is that it helps keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level. This means that nutrients move in and wastes move out of cells at peak efficiency, with obvious benefits to the functioning of the cells.   Many benefits from the energy carried into cells by scalar enhanced supplements. The surface tension of enhanced products is reduced, making them easier for the body to assimilate. And remember, scalar energy is readily transferred from product to cell. The electrical charge generated across cell membranes is brought up to optimal levels. This allows nutrients to move into the cell and wastes to move out with maximum efficiency. Overall body energy increases as each of the trillions of cells are energized. Scalar energy strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage. Blood is cleansed and its cellular elements function as they should. Immune function improves.

What  Technology Theory  of our Bio Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant ?

Electromagnetic waves which exist only in the vacuum of empty space constitute an ocean of infinite energy called scalar energy. These new waves of energy are called “longitudinal” EM (electromagnetism) to distinguish them from “transverse” EM.. A scalar pendant/card is a therapy pendant/card, also known as a chi therapy pendant/card or heat therapy pendant/card. It emits far-infrared and produces high levels of negative ions. Although negative ions dissipate quickly in the open air, wearing a scalar pendant/card next to the skin enables the body to absorb them. These pendants/cards neutralize or reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and other electrical appliances used daily.   Mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant, made from volcanic lava, using Japanese technology.  Capable of emitting scalar energy instantly transforming bio-energy into our body to promote molecular activities of water molecules in body organs.  Benefit the body’s metabolic functions, elevating blood circulation systems Result is holistic health care functions the Most Natural Way.   Bio Aura Power is developed through the use of quantum technology and with the fusion of more than 10 types of natural minerals together under extreme temperature to create the energy which is most beneficiary to human.The energy from The Bio Aura Power is able to energize and break liquid cluster into smaller molecule cluster thus making it easier to be absorbed into the body cell.Through the use of  nano-technology the natural minerals and the quantum energy from Bio Aura Power Stainless steel pen.The energy from Bio Aura Power Stainless Steel pen can be transferred and amplified into any liquid or materials and directly onto human body.   As such,Bio Aura Power is the most practical and useful item to be carried around and can be used anytime and anywhere.The benefits of using The Bio Aura Power are many, assist heal,rejuvenate,revitalize,enhance and strengthen immune system,remove waste and toxin from our body ,heal imbalance patterns in the body,aura cleansing,chakra healing,improving energy flow through meridians&physical organs and many others.

1.Material: tourmaline,lava & 316L stainless steel   

  Tourmaline is a crystal silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium.  Tourmaline is    

  classified as a semi-precious stone and the gem comes in a wide variety of colors.

2. Energy content:  about 2000-3000ions

Functions/Features  of our Bio Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant:

1) Improve cell energy to 70-90 mv, relieve fatigue,fatigue and muscle inflexibility;

2) Strengthen the Hydrogen bond energy between DNA,it will protect DNA cellular; from damage,prevent cancel.

3) Improve penetrability of cell wall,promote the cell ability of deriving nutrients.

4) Improve our detox system

5) Refine blood,improve blood state and help adjust blood pressure

6) Strengthen immunity system

7) Promote our concentrating attention,keep mind clear and good eyesight

8) Eliminate the negative effects of man-made frequency in body (60 cps)


Health benefits:

1. Reduces inflammation

2. Promotes uncrumpling of cells

3. Enhances circulation

4. Enhances immune and endocrine systems

5. Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria

6. Enhances the cellular nutrition and detoxification

7. Enhances cellular permeability

8. Increases energy

9. Helps to protect DNA from damage

10. Helps to fight cancer cells

11. Helps to retard the aging process

12.Strengthens the bodies bio-field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting  ones health.


 Photos of our Bio Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant:


1) Energy-wave changing between before wearing the quantum pendants and after-wearing.:


                                Before-Wearing                                                                                                    After-Wearing




How to use The Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant?

1. Wear Quantum Pendant over the neck, or place it directly on the affected body parts   (e. G. Knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc. ) to relieve stiffness or soreness.

2. Place it over the forehead for headache and relaxation

 3. Place it over the abdomen for stomachache and period pain Quantum Pendant turns   the water in your body into healthy, energized, small-clustered water!

4. Quantum Pendant does more than just break down the water molecules and   energizing your drinking water. When you wear it, it keeps the water in your body grouped into small cell-penetrating clusters. These tiny clusters of water easily pass  through cell membranes, carrying nutrients & oxygen into our cells, and waste & toxins out. This easy passage of water into and out of our cells is what keeps the cells clean, young and healthy.

5. Use water energized with Quantum Pendant for washing your face to improve your   complexion

6. Place it underneath your skincare bottles to improve their absorption and efficacy

7. Leave it in the refrigerator to keep your food fresher longer 8. Try out several tests in the separate brochure to experience how Quantum Pendant  is able to improve your flexibility, increase your strength and enhance your  balance!




Packaging & Shipping



 Shipping Methods:

1).  International Express services: DHL/FEDEX//UPS/TNT/EMS for samples,(Door-to-Door);

2).  By Air or by Sea for bulk orders, FCL; (Airport/ Sea Port receiving);

3).  Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods;


Trade Terms:

1). Payment: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal; 30% deposits; 70% balance before deliverying.

2). Delivery Time: 1-5 working days for small order, bulk order depending on the order QTY;

3). MOQ: 100pcs

4). Package Informations: 1pcs/Gift Box—200pcs/Carton—N.W:18.5kg/Ctn—G.W:20.50kg.


 Packing Details:



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